Fiduciary activities


We are multilingual professionals and have diversified professional backgrounds. We assure a 360° service, taking care of the interests and needs of our clients.

Secretarial and administration services at home

We provide continuous assistance in the event of your absence, we will take care of all matters from simply paying your bills to the care of your house. We can provide a secretary at home, a remote server, we can address and evaluate all of your needs by providing a targeted solution to your personal needs.

Obtaining residence permits and citizenship

If you want to start a business in Switzerland, recruit employees, or reconnect with your family, we can assist you in all the procedures for permit applications, checking your documentation, giving you current, accurate and detailed information. We will  find you the most cost-effective solution.

Regularization procedures and registration of civil acts in other nations

It is an increasingly heterogeneous society and it is often necessary to take assistance from consulates and/or offices abroad for verification or depositing  documentation. At Prospero Law Firm you can exploit the diverse skills of our employees to reach any countries and solve the most critical situations.

Real estate consultancy

In case you are moving to Switzerland we can support you not only on the bureaucratic procedures, but also in the choice of renting or buying real estate. We have exclusive offers and a network of professionals that includes architects and firms specialized in appraisals and renovations that can quickly solve any problem.

Relationships with health and social security institutions

We satisfy even the most personal needs with our expertise and discretion in verifying health status. Switzerland is currently facing a delicate issue as a nation that anticipate future trends in healthcare. Professionals such plastic surgeons and specialized clinics (in the fields of fertility and storing stem cells), nursing homes and the recent legislation on palliative care, have generated an influx of people who wish to undergo these treatments. We have created links with specialists who can help you with the right approach to your needs with the utmost discretion.