Adv. Enrico Germano

"Nihil inimicus homini quam sibi ipse" (Marcus Tullius Cicero)


I feel privileged to have achieved the classical and linguistic maturity at the St-Michel College in Fribourg, one of the oldest in Europe and to be graduated in Law at the University of the same city, one of the few fully bilingual cities in Switzerland, this has familiarized myself since my birth with the Swiss three most important cultures and languages, speaking with friends and at school in French and German, at home with the family in Italian.

I made my lawyer’s practice at the law firm Hodel & Poggia in Geneva, and I also graduated in International Law at the University of Brussels and at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands. I obtained a Master in Communications and Mass Media at the University of Milan and a Master in Compliance Management at the Centre for Banking Studies of Vezia-Lugano.

I started my professional career at a bank, as the chief of the Recovery Management Office, followed by the position as the legal and real estate Officer of another top Swiss bank in Lugano during five years and then I became Substitute Judge and Deputy Director at the Office in charge for Executions and Bankruptcy procedures at the Department of Justice of the Canton of Ticino during the next seven years, when I also assumed the important and sensitive function of President of the Child and Adult Protection Authority Commission. I made a continuous training in human resources management, as well as in business management in the luxury textile sector.

I have been practicing the Attorney-at-law’s profession for the last 10 years, working in preeminent Swiss law firms, with extensive experience in key areas of the law, particularly in contract and company law, but also in administrative, compliance, banking, litigation, criminal, insurance, executive, bankruptcy, family, medical and construction law. My working languages are Italian, French, German and English.


I also have a very active private life, which corresponds to my character, and I follow the French actor Alain Delon saying: "live each day as if it were the last." But the emperor Marcus Aurelius said the same almost two thousand years ago.