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Enrico Germano

“Nihil inimicus homini quam sibi ipse” (Marco Tullio Cicero)

I obtained a classical and linguistic baccalaureate at the St-Michel College in Friborg, one of the oldest in Europe, and I graduated in Law from the University of Friborg, one of the few fully bilingual (French and German) in Switzerland.

I practiced as a lawyer at the Hodel & Poggia firm in Geneva, and I also graduated in international law from the University of Brussels and from the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in the Netherlands. I also obtained a Masters in Communications and Mass Media at the University of Milan and a Masters in Compliance Management at the Center for Banking Studies in Vezia-Lugano.

I began my professional career in the banking sector, as Head of both the Recovery Management Service and the Legal and Real Estate Service of 2 top-five Swiss banks in Lugano for five years, and then carried out the function of Assessor Secretary and Deputy Officer Executions and bankruptcies within the Division of Justice of the Canton of Ticino for seven years, to which I also assumed the delicate role of President of the Guardianship Commission. I have carried out a continuous training in human resource management, as well as a continuous training in business management in the textile sector of luxury targets.

I have been practicing forensics for 10 years, with in-depth experience in the main branches of law, especially in contract law, administrative, compliance, banking, procedural, litigation, criminal, insurance, executive, bankruptcy, family, medical and building. My working languages ​​are Italian, French, German and English.

I also have a very active private life, which corresponds to my character and I follow the motto of the French actor Alain Delon: “live every day as if it were the last”. But the emperor Marcus Aurelius already said it almost two thousand years ago.